Cross-Sector Leaders Convening to Discuss the Areas Driving Municipal Innovation –

Real Estate, Economic, Sustainable & Cultural Development

An Annual Convening Platform for City, State & Regional Leadership

Anchor Institutions, Visionaries, Innovators & Investors 

Leadership Gatherings To Help Accelerate Collaboration + Build Awareness & Momentum

for Jersey City’s Leading Projects, Programs & Initiatives

Cultural Institution Leadership
City Advocate Leadership
Site Selection Principals
Public & Open Space
Global Headquarters
Economic Development & Economic Mobility Leaders
Local Living Economy Advocates
Public+Private Partnership Advocates
ESG & Sustainability Leaders
VCs, Startups & Incubators
Leading Developers, Architects & Engineers
Retailers & Restauranteurs

A Yearly Opportunity To Gather Jersey City Leaders Across Sectors

All Aligned with &  for Jersey City’s Growth

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A Regional Sweet Spot

Corporate, Innovation, Human Capital & Cultural Sweet Spot

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Our Speakers

National Thought-Leaders, Innovators & Disruptors

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the Regions Largest Leadership Gatherings

Proud & Privledged to be the Regions Largest Leadership Summits

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Our Venue Partners

We Partner with the Most Respected Owner/Operators to Host our Gatherings
-Bringing Hundreds to their Transformative Projects -

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Our Sponsors

Partners & Advisors To The Industries Leading Players

Our Media Partners

The Industry's Most Respected Source & Resource

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Our Supporting Organizations

Think-Tanks, Partners & Collaborators to Leadership

Our Innovative Project Discussions

Principals Discussing the Most Transformative Projects


Role Purpose Goal

Help Echo Workforce & Site Selection Case For JC
Survey Viewpoints & Build Advocacy for Initiatives
Build Awareness + Momentum for Current & Future Projects
Liaison, Foster & Accelerate Opportunity Making
Partnership & Collaboration Catalyst
Amplify+Market the Success Message
Help Shape Work, Live, Learn, Play Case For JC
Annual Platform To Meet Principal City Leadership
Gather Research & Sentiment for Expansion Efforts
Exchange Success Stories
Meet JV - Debt / Equity Partners
Foster Relationships w/ Business + Anchor Stakeholders
Survey Viewpoints & Build Advocacy for Initiatives


for REAL ESTATE Development, architecture, design, finance, engineering & placemaking

Convening Leading Principals – Investors, Owners, Developers, Advisors, Operators & Site Selectors to Help Accelerate Growth, Job Creation & Innovations

Thought-Leadership Panel Discussions


We bring together the folks behind the largest – most exciting & transformative projects together to share what’s great and partner on what’s next.



We Understand the Critically Important Role Cross-Sector Improvement, Collaboration & Leadership Involvement has in accelerating Jersey City’s economic development – growth, innovation & site selection.

We help share best practices & convene the region’s leading minds & investors around municipal innovation, technology & ESG.

Thought-Leadership Panel Discussions


We explore the role each of the  areas Covered has in accelerating economic development for Jersey City. We understand their interconnectivity and how each works towards making JC a better, greener, healthier, equitable & more sustainable & resilient city.

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Always be Informed by the Well-informed.

Since 2008 we have been partnering, developing & producing leadership convening platforms for investment, thought-leadership & collaboration. We have been privileged to work with distinguished institutions with the strongest reputations to gather the region's best & brightest. Our focus and contribution is to advancing city & state. Sharing & accelerating the most exciting and inspiring projects, programs & initiatives across verticals, sectors & industries.

" inspiring Leaders to be more collaborative

creative & innovating than they otherwise would be "

-Sherif M. Abouzied

Important Projects Highlighted

Jesey City’s Historic Lowe’s Theater is undergoing a $72 Million Dollar Revitalization amongst other covered.

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